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Test whether variable is a number

18 July, 2020

The post title “Test whether variable is a number” looks like a trivial question, but let’s dig deeper and try to cover all edge cases. I will split it into two problems and will cover them separately. isNumber First I’ll start with the simple problem. You have variable that may or may not be a number. Write a function that will return if it is in fact ‘number’ or otherwise. Here I only need to check the type of given variable. In this situation I have two edge cases. The first one is…

Google Drive API - Script initialization

06 July, 2020

The basic example from the official documentation is very informative (this is not a sarcasm). I just want to add my 2 cents in order to make it more es6 like, then it is now. Plus I want one function of initialization that will take care of everything. I want to be able to run it from anywhere in the code and be sure that app will be authorized. First I need to load the script. I want to do it dynamically from the code and not to attach it to the index.html Also this method could be called…

UUID generator app

03 July, 2020

Once upon a time I needed to create UUIDs, and I needed to do it manually. On the internet you can find a bunch of solutions, and you don’t really need to invent anything. The tech is relatively easy and there is no room for engineering innovation, so I decided to dig into user experience. I discovered that if you’re generating UUIDs manually, then obviously you’re going to copy-paste them by hand. So we can shorten the process by adding the button, which will do it for the user. Which also…

Configuring graphql-go/graphql

17 May, 2020

It’s not that hard to use graphql with go, but it could take some effort to find all the gotchas. Therefore let’s save some time and talk about some configuration of graphql in Golang. In this tutorial I’ll use graphql-go/graphql library, version v0.7.9

Hide or disable a feature?

15 May, 2020

More than once I argued with my fellow developers on whether we should hide or disable some feature or functionality. I decided to write down my opinion to be sure the internet knows.

Grokking algorithms

23 November, 2019

An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people. The book about algorithms. Not an easy topic, and not very useful in most workplaces. Ok, depends on what you’re required to do. There are definitely job descriptions that require work with algorithms. But is it always the case? Certainly not.

Renew auth0 token for SPA using js SDK

11 November, 2019

Sorry, but documentation of auth0 is not the best source of knowledge on how to use auth0. Not something that you expect to happen, right? Official documentation is okay if you need to understand only a basic usage, but if you need more than that, you pretty much on your own. At least it’s my experience with this service. Especially for not so popular topic of “renewing auth0 token for SPA (Single Page Application)“. So let’s talk about exactly that.

You shouldn't always use redux life-cycle in your app

05 November, 2019

Ok, first of all I’m assuming you know what Redux is and already used it in one of your projects. Now, after we established that, let’s move on. I always prefer to be clear in my assumptions and intentions. It makes life much easier :)

Why use Svelte

01 November, 2019

Yeah, I know, another library. But that’s okay, we’ll go through all of them and we’ll find the best one for each project. Or at least this is something that we should do as responsible developers.

My CLI shortcuts for git

21 October, 2019

I’m using a lot of git features via CLI. Mainly it’s rebasing, committing and pushing new changes to the repository. I know that most editors have UI solutions for these commands, but I never liked it and honestly don’t see any reason to change my habits. Stubborn you say? Probably. Don’t know.