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Tag:  studying

Designing Games, book by Tynan Sylvester

30 January, 2021
Lately I finished the “Designing Games”, by Tynan Sylvester, lead developer of Rimworld. Highly recommend to everyone who is interested in game design. This book is not about the code, but about experience that your game will create.

I started to learn pixel art

01 January, 2021
I decided to add diversity in everyday developers’ life and last month I started to learn a new thing - pixel art. It was long waiting goal, but finally I found time to invest in it (thanks you to all lockdowns, I guess).

Grokking algorithms

23 November, 2019
An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people. The book about algorithms. Not an easy topic, and not very useful in most workplaces. Ok, depends on what you’re required to do. There are definitely job descriptions that require work with algorithms. But is it always the case? Certainly not.

Become a Product Manager [udemy]

16 March, 2019
It would be a long journey. Really, there were 17 sections, each one included from 3 to 26 videos. Each video was from 3, up to 16 minutes. This all added up to a very long course. On the other hand, what did you expect? To learn the profession in one sitting? Sadly it’s not the case. Of course, even after that course, you wouldn’t, by any means, be a good product manager. What you would lack would be real-world experience, but at least you would have a good start if you were dedicated and…

Digital Product Management - Modern Fundamentals [coursera]

28 February, 2019
Well, I decided to learn more about being a product manager. It’s always fun to complain where there is no PM in the workplace, but I wanted to see what was really missing, and why a PM was needed. So I decided to learn this top`ic by myself, I had some free time to spare, so why not? Let’s start with Coursera. It has university-based content. I honestly felt like I was going back in time and sitting in one of the lectures in my college, in the middle of the desert (yeah, a story for another…