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Styled-components - the interesting parts

14 October, 2019

The whole logic of styled-components can be described in one “feature request”: “Let’s manage CSS in js alongside with component core code”. The logic behind it is sort of obvious - it will give us the dynamic of js inside of CSS and we’ll be able to treat styling as part of component code and not store it in a separate file. The idea is promising, now let’s see what are some of the edge cases. And why is that? Because nothing is ideal in the world.

Deliberately painful UI

12 October, 2019

“Let’s play a game” I will give you a link to a form that is designed against all UI and UX norms and you’ll need to fill it as fast as possible. You can’t imagine how hard it could be when the designer deliberately is going against all codes that the industry agrees upon.

Rewrite or not your app

25 May, 2019

“Rewriting almost always feels a lot more appealing then gradual refactoring, but remember, that you’re comparing reality to a fictitious concept.” Always rewrite EVERYTHING! Sometimes I have a feeling that there is a tradition, in the developers’ community, that whenever you arrive at a new workplace, one of the first things you’ll do is to say that all this old code should be rewritten. This is rarely the case, but traditional ways are hard to stop or be replaced by something else, right?

How to mock components with jest

03 May, 2019

I have already written a post about mocking moment.js for tests. Today let’s talk about how to use mocks in a specific tests framework - Jest. Jest was developed by Facebook and was based on another tests library called Jasmine. It meant that Jest used widely popular test syntax and could be adapted very easily.

Become a Product Manager [udemy]

16 March, 2019

It would be a long journey. Really, there were 17 sections, each one included from 3 to 26 videos. Each video was from 3, up to 16 minutes. This all added up to a very long course. On the other hand, what did you expect? To learn the profession in one sitting? Sadly it’s not the case. Of course, even after that course, you wouldn’t, by any means, be a good product manager. What you would lack would be real-world experience, but at least you would have a good start if you were dedicated and…

State-specific breadcrumbs

14 March, 2019

Breadcrumbs can be displayed in different ways. Usually, this is solved in a naive way - if a user enters the page where a certain product is displayed, then he will see breadcrumbs from categories that are hierarchically dependent on each other. This is reasonably easy to implement because it is static information. The more complex requirement is to display a history of the changes, where we’ll see not only the previous pages but also the filters that have been applied to them.

Catch and log errors in NodeJS app

08 March, 2019

Errors will occur no matter what, but I hope that’s not stopping you from writing code because it doesn’t matter if you stop - someone else will continue the tradition instead :) So the only proper solution is to be prepared and to handle errors in the right way.

Custom logger for the FrontEnd application

03 March, 2019

Let’s talk for a moment about logging in the FrontEnd application. Yes, we can use standard or any other that is available to us, but what we really want to have is some way to have a log available, when it’s allowed and to hide the logging, when we’re not interested in it. So let’s review this.

Digital Product Management - Modern Fundamentals [coursera]

28 February, 2019

Well, I decided to learn more about being a product manager. It’s always fun to complain where there is no PM in the workplace, but I wanted to see what was really missing, and why a PM was needed. So I decided to learn this top`ic by myself, I had some free time to spare, so why not? Let’s start with Coursera. It has university-based content. I honestly felt like I was going back in time and sitting in one of the lectures in my college, in the middle of the desert (yeah, a story for another…

Lazy load components in React

25 November, 2018

Lazy loading in React was always possible. It wasn’t so clear how to do it properly and how to handle all edge cases, as well as how to find all of them, because, like many things in life, we need first to encounter the problems, and only then can we be ready to handle them properly. Since React version 16.6 we have had and - helper function and helper component that have come to the rescue, and which promise to make it easier to deal with the lazy load. But first, let’s see what is the…