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Object moves too fast for the collider to catch (solution for unity)

18 January, 2021

TL;DR Do not relay on colliders for fast moving objects. You need to use “Physics.Raycast” to determine when a collision took place.

I started new game experiment

09 January, 2021

I started experimenting with game development. For now, it’s a hobby, we’ll see how it will go :)

I started to learn pixel art

01 January, 2021

I decided to add diversity in everyday developers’ life and last month I started to learn a new thing - pixel art. It was long waiting goal, but finally I found time to invest in it (thanks you to all lockdowns, I guess).

Adding favicon to gatsby website

29 October, 2020

Today is an important milestone - I create favicon for my website (the one you’re viewing right now) 🎉

Simple template engine in JavaScript

24 October, 2020

Recently I had a task, that included creating simple templates. Nothing special, just using JavaScript replace placeholders with provided values. Obviously it’s better to have some general solution in place, so next time any change wouldn’t be painful.

Adding react-snap to my app

17 October, 2020

I started to experiment with react-snap - a nice tool for creating pre rendered html of your SPA. The reason is fairly simple - I want to increase visibility of ImgReview by search engines. The installation is very easy. Basically you need to install the package npm install react-snap, and then just change your app render point to: In my case though there was a problem. Pre render failed with this weird error message: Which wasn’t informative for me, since I had no idea what exactly is causing…

How to use Konva with Rough.js

12 October, 2020

For my ImgReview app I wanted to use custom shapes with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance. They look nice and could add unique touch to your work: This hand-drawn, sketchy look can be generated with the help of a small library called rough.js. It doesn’t have additional dependencies and can be used as-is. I’m already using Konva as my main graphic library, which makes my life easier by simplifying work with canvas. So in order to start using rough.js I need somehow to make these two libraries…

ImgReview announce

09 October, 2020

I started this project some time ago, just to test an idea and now I want to share it with everyone :) It all started with my frustration of not being able to mark areas on the images. Usually I need it in order to better illustrate my point. The idea is simple - mark areas on screenshots, or images to better illustrate your point. When I’m sending an email or adding an image to a jira ticket, I usually want to add a marker, like an arrow or circle, in order to emphasize the exact issue. It’s…

Theming with styled-components

31 July, 2020

Theme can be stored (or generated) in a js file. For instance, we can keep all of them, in folder and load, while bootstrapping the application. Provide theme to the app. Now your theme will be available via of styled-components. Theme property can be anything you defined it to be. In the example below, it’s an object with two properties: and name.

Styled-components "Warning Received `true` for non-boolean attribute"

25 July, 2020

IMO styled-components library has only one problematic warning. It’s “Warning: Received for non-boolean attribute”. When I encountered it for the first time it took me some time to figure out what was the problem. Because it’s somehow counterintuitive, and the official documentation doesn’t really help to solve it. Ok, first of all, what does this error mean. It means that you passed boolean value for the property of a DOM element. I will rephrase in order to make it crystal-clear - you took…